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Dreaming Green Boutique is launching


What is Dreaming Green Boutique?

I'm Holly. I've been on a mission to make my life a little bit greener every day since a transformational experience in Thailand in 2018. I became mindful of my footprint on our beautiful planet, and have been trying to use less plastic, and turning to more compostable, biodegradable, and recyclable products.

One day, I had cramps. Ugh. So uncomfortable. I grabbed a trusty heat bag and popped it in the microwave. Halfway through the heat cycle, the grain started putting off that weird oaty smell. Gross. I wanted something relaxing. This wasn't it. Microwave beeped -- sweet, sweet heat and cramp relief. As I took the heat pack out of the microwave, the light caught it just so. In all its dusty, dog-hair-covered glory, the bag made me realize: I'd had this thing for years. I'd never washed it. Couldn't. It'd be like trying to poach stale oatmeal. Checked the label: cotton and polyester. This thing was going to sit in a landfill for somewhere between 20 and 700 years breaking down. I had to do better.

Dreaming Green Boutique was born. I started making handmade, eco-friendly, self-care products. It started as something for myself -- a nice big pouch, split into chambers to keep it from bunching all together. Made of 100% cotton. Oh, and with a 100% removable, washable cover. Yep. Good. Biogradable. When it's time to part ways, it'll break down completely in months, not decades.

Filled with rice -- no more weird oat smell.  Better yet, lavender. Peppermint. Eucalyptus. Yes. This. Started learning about aromatherapy. Gave one to a friend who had a similar experience with her own years-old cotton-polyester heat bag. She loved it.

Then my family and a couple of girlfriends wanted one. Then I took a little step and got a small, loyal customer base on an Etsy shop. New sizes came. Then reusable cotton facial cleansing pads. Then...

Here we are. Welcome. Dreaming Green Boutique is ready to spread it wings.

Join us on the journey as we expand our offerings of handmade, eco-friendly self-care products.


It's possible to bask in luxury while remaining conscious and respectful of the environment.

It's not a figment of your imagination. You're not dreaming.

You're Dreaming Green.

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