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A Spray A Day...

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

How did you come up with these beautiful combinations?

It's no secret that my favourite place in the world is Italy.

My husband and I love it so much, we plan to retire there! Specifically, Cinque Terre. We have a favourite patio that we gravitate to every single time, where we drink wine, eat focaccia (the best I've ever had), chat for hours, watch the ocean, and listen to waves crash into the cliff below.

Cinque Terre, like many places in Italy, is known for their lemon trees. Many locals grow lemon trees in their yards and it is a staple ingredient in the cuisine. With this in mind, I wanted to bring Italy home, Bella Frutta Room Spray was the closest I could get!

While a piece of my heart is still in Italy, the remainder is here in Alberta, right in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Hiking is one of my favourite past times and to me, not many things will top the smell of...that's right, you guessed it...fresh Mountain Air. So when I can't escape to the mountains, I give my room a little spritz of that

magic and I'm right back there in the trees, on the path heading up those rugged peaks.

And Lazy Lizard? Now that inspiration came from my trip to Belize many years ago. It

was only my second time out of Canada and the first time I'd not stayed in a resort. There is a point, on Caye Caulker, called "The Split". This is where the island is divided by a channel of water. It was here, on The Split, that I found a tiny bar named the 'Lazy Lizard'. I spent many, many (don't make me admit the exact number...) hours here. Sunbathing, drinking delicious, boozy tropical drinks, dancing and swimming. And at night, I would go here to listen to the stingrays jumping in the sea.

All of my scents are handcrafted, based on cherished memories or experiences. They say that smell is the strongest scent tied to memory, I've tried to recreate those scents for you, a mini vacation in your own home.

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