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Rice? What's with the rice?

Why a rice bag instead of wheat?

Where to start! There were so many reasons to reinvent the traditional therapy bag.

The smell. The dirty cover. The fact that it was polyester...

But my original motivation? Volleyball. More specifically, the pain brought on by playing volleyball. I have horrible knees. For years, I had this bag, filled with some sort of bean or grain, that could be used for hot or cold therapy. One night after volleyball, I pulled it out of the freezer to soothe my aching knee. As I tried to rest this bag on my knee, I was irritated by how the beans wouldn't stay put. They kept falling down to the ends of the bag, leaving nothing to help the area that actually needed it. Frustrated, I tossed it in the closet and opted for a bag of ice.

Fast forward a few weeks and the dreaded cramps began. I went searching for the therapy bag again. Maybe it would be better for heat therapy. I dug it out of the closet and on closer inspection, I realized how filthy it was. Covered in dog hair and who knows what else. I'd owned this bag for AGES and had never paid attention to the cleanliness of it.

Desperate for relief, I ignored the look of it and tossed it in the microwave. Big mistake.

When I took it out, the smell was awful, like stale, burnt oatmeal. I didn't know exactly what was inside this bag, but I was not a fan. I rested it on my abdomen, and just like last time, quickly became irritated at the fact the beans/wheat would not stay where I needed them to.

As I pondered the poor design, I also noticed this bag was made of a cotton/polyester blend, meaning it would sit in our landfill for who knows how long.

I knew that I had to come up with a better solution. During my trip to Thailand in 2018, seeing the overwhelming amount of garbage, had really altered the way I thought about waste and the way we treat our beautiful planet.

triple pouch aromatherapy heat bag

Something that was practical, functional AND not harmful to the environment. This is how the 24"x6" Triple Pouch Aromatherapy Bag was conceived.

Made with rice and scented with your choice of our essential oils, construction that allows the rice stay exactly where you need the relief and 100% biodegradable fabric, Dreaming Green's bag was everything that the old one wasn't.

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