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Solid Scents vs Sprays

Why did you decide to move away from traditional perfume sprays to a solid instead?

This may come as a surprise to my readers, but I was not always the environmentally or health conscious person I am today.

I had a terrible habit. For nearly all my adult life, I was a smoker.

On May 28, 2023 it will mark 1 year that I am smoke free. This past year, I have worked hard to increase my lung capacity, undoing the damage caused by so many years of smoking.

I stopped joining my smoking friends for their smoke breaks and as any smoker knows, sometimes that can be most difficult part, missing out on the social aspect.

Then, one day in September 2022, during my morning yoga practice, I noticed for the first time in my adult life I was able to take a deep breath. Like a really, REALLY deep breath. I truly can't put into words how that felt. It was in that moment I decided to treat my lungs like the fragile organs they truly are. They felt so new, full of strength. I knew I'd never want to expose them to further damage.

Have you ever tasted a spritz of perfume? I have, and I would be happy to never do it again. So when the idea arose to start doing perfume, I wanted something that wasn't a toxic spray.

I am also an avid traveller, it is a huge part of my life. Solid perfume is small and is exempt from the liquids rule for air travel. It can go in my carryon or my purse, with no questions asked.

I carry my favourite perfume (Boudoir) with me in my purse at all times. You never know when you just need to have a quick refresher!

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