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Think Of The Animals!

Test on animals? Never! Tested on my husband, family and friends...? Absolutely ;)

I absolutely adore animals. All animals. Even the bitey, scratchy, stingy ones. A good friend of mine bought me a shirt (which quickly became my favourite) and it says 'Be kind to animals or I'll kill you'.

So naturally, I strongly disagree with animal testing, in any capacity. I do my best to avoid all products that have been tested on animals and research brands before making purchases.

When I made the decision to start creating cosmetic products, it was essential that all of my ingredients were from suppliers who are cruelty (animal testing) free. I want no part in creating a product, if somewhere down the line, an ingredient was animal tested.

As I started researching, I learned how to become part of the Leaping Bunny Program. I always new it existed and when shopping for my cosmetics, I look for the little bunny, but now it was my turn to become certified.

I went through the rigorous application process, and after a few weeks, there was the email confirming that I was approved.

So I am so proud to say that Dreaming Green Boutique is a 100% cruelty free brand and all the precious animals out there will never have to have my products or ingredients tested on them. One less product in your home for you to worry about the environment or animals impacted.

My promise to you, guaranteed by the Leaping Bunny Certification.

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