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Protecting Your Pets & Home

Updated: May 19, 2023


Can I use room sprays around pets or on furniture?

As a mama of two dogs, I am always aware of what is being sprayed around my house or near my dogs.

Many people are unaware that essential oils can be toxic to pets, which is why I never spray anything around my pets. Not perfumes, hair sprays, air fresheners, bug sprays, sunscreen, etc. Unless a product is designed specifically for my pet, I keep it away.

Our room sprays are no different. Spray them in the room/area and let the particles dissipate before your pet enters. If you're using it to spray your furniture or linens, do so and let it dry before your pet lays on them. You get the benefit of the beautiful aroma, and your pet will not breathe in anything that doesn't belong in their lungs.

Dreaming Green Boutique Room Sprays are only comprised of about 1-2% oils. A plant based ingredient is used to solubilize those oils into the water. This results in a room sprays that is colourless (sometimes a bit cloudy) and not oily. It will not leave oil stains on your fabric and there are no bleaching components.

Unless a product has been scientifically tested or veterinarian approved, it cannot be deemed safe for pets. This is not a designation I have.

Make sure that your pet does not ingest this spray. Do not spray it directly onto your pet or in close proximity to your pet.

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